This year has been the best year of my life so far. It started off with travelling together with two amazing people that I came to know on a deeper level and the amount of internal jokes has no limits haha! We explored Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand and India together, and I’m so happy for doing that with you guys. All the memories we’ve created along the way makes me feel so rich and so grateful! 

Finally we ended up in Australia, and then we were only two. Me and my sista from anotha mista! Started off with some farm work straight away and even though it was hard work and we had a couple of break downs we made it through. Took a break from work and bought a van, road tripped through Australia. We went from rainforests in the east to the outback in the north, to the red center in the middle and the big citys in the south. It was truly amazing! Blown away. 

Countinued with the farm work and did 6 months in total at the same farm. Enjoyed our stay at “Crappy” Apple where we met awesome people. Also the share house that became our family, big love for you guys. Seriously, those people are amazing! 

I feel that this year I’ve become a stronger person. I feel much more independent now, free, balanced, happy. Got a wider perspective of life and I’ve really developed as a person. Geeez, life is beautiful. Thank you life!🙏🏻